Joe Bragg Reaches Landmark Sales Figures


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- Flying lanterns have seen a huge upsurge in popular culture over recent years. Stemming from a Chinese cultural practice at religious festivals, the paper lanterns were sent into the sky by a candle that created a hot air balloon effect, and carried with it a wish by the one who set it on its journey to the skies.

Event Lanterns are one of the biggest providers of Flying Lanterns in the US, and are leading the way in both sales and business practices. So far this year they have sold over 50,000 of their paper lanterns, and have a commitment to only using biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials.

The site offers several options in sky lanterns, with color lanterns available in blue, white, purple, orange and yellow, heart-shaped lanterns for romantic occasions, pure white wedding lanterns, and novelty options like smiley face and alien lanterns. There are also giant lanterns and water lanterns available for a range of occasions.

For those looking to buy the lanterns for the first time, there is an extensive FAQ with over thirty questions addressed, including everything from how high and far the lanterns fly to how they are made and even how to prepare and launch them. They even feature video content demonstrating the lanterns in use. Event Lanterns also offer wholesale options for local shops and retail outlets to make big savings by buying in bulk.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We’re hitting record sales figures because we understand our customer’s needs and priorities. These lanterns are a simple product but they provide a dramatic visual and thematic substance to occasions that stems from their long history in another culture. They used to have the potential to cause problems for the environment using a wire and wax construction method, but we use wireless, paraffin based construction methods to make sure there’s no downside to using them.”

A spokesperson for the site explained their testing process, “We believe our lanterns are the best on the market and it seems our customers agree. Our research and development for each product takes months as we test the quality, tweak designs, and source the best materials. It’s this commitment to detail that allows us to have the lowest defect rate in the market.”

About Event Lanterns
Event Lanterns sell eco-friendly Chinese sky lanterns. Their sky lanterns fly at about 3000 feet for roughly 7-10 minutes. They are 100% biodegradable, have no wires, and are 100% eco-friendly. For more information please visit: