Everbuying.com Captures the Global Wholesale Market and Releases Gifts Selection to Celebrate Graduation Day


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Online shopping is steadily on the rise in the recent years as more and more people, especially in developed countries, see the value of letting their fingers do the browsing and buying. But developing countries are also starting to embrace this phenomenon adding to the growth potential of online retail.

As it eats into the share of traditional retail stores on consumer spending and with more opportunities to expand to emerging markets, online shopping is seen to remain strong this year. In the UK, projections are 21.5% of its retail sales will come from online shopping by the year 2018, based on a study by Centre for Retail Research titled Retail Futures 2018. The local shops are perceived to feel the impact as more stores will likely close if the trend continues.

In Australia, online shopping grew by 23% with majority of the consumers coming from the 35 to 44 year old age group. The latest Online Retail Sales Index released by the National Australia Bank cited that online spending in the year to April reached $13.5 billion. As this makes up only 6% of retail spending, there is a lot of room to grow.

Everbuying.com, a leading online wholesale platform in China, aims to build on the gains of online retail globally and sustain the growth the company has achieved since its launch in 2006 by focusing on customer service and competitive pricing. Shopping convenience and lower costs are driving factors that draw people to shop online while the use of smartphones and tablets as well as hassle-free delivery and minimal or free shipping fees for purchases are key market trends.

“As a wholesaler, we are able to bring high quality products at factory prices to both individual consumers and entrepreneurs who need a reliable supplier. We also introduce a massive range of products that we regularly update to keep pace with the global market. Ultimately, we strive to provide a superior shopping experience through our easy to navigate site, on-time deliveries, and strong customer support,” related Max Lee, Everbuying.com’s project manager.

The company notes that online retail greatly benefits also from the uptick in consumer spending as people celebrate special occasions. To encourage the traffic, it makes sure it is able to provide the right products for their shopping ease. It brings them a simplified shopping experience coupled with a wide selection to choose from.

Presently, as people Celebrate Graduation Day, Everbuying.com has lined up the popular items and most suitable gifts to mark the event. Android cell phones and tablet PCs are the top choices together with apparels, bags, and shoes. Computer peripherals and hip watches are also leading gift categories for graduates.

It even carries cameras, DIY star sky projectors, LED intelligent sensor control night lights, LED solar table lamps, folding earphones, sporty MP3 player headsets, and large electronic aquariums. From fashionable wine racks in floating illusion to trendy wall and window decal stickers, and lazy self-stirring coffee mugs to leather jewellery boxes in crocodile patterns, Everbuying.com has every gift imaginable that beats a visit to a retail shop.

Celebrate graduation day with Everbuying.com by visiting its official homepage here. For more great finds log on to www.everbuying.com.

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