eVerify Review: Confirms Personal Background Checks Identity

With eVerify online criminal background checks, you get answers to your questions on a person's background from the best industry and governmental information directories in existence.

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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- eVerify enables users to conduct background checks and find out what they need to know based on government information directories and private search listings. All inquiries made are fully secure and kept confidential, providing people with comprehensive and complete results that are obtained legally from multiple database that compile over a billion records.

This public records search system can be accessed through membership and is being updated so users can note changes in the data they are interested in. Essentially, the service offers four search options namely background check, criminal records, people search, and social media.

When investigating a person’s background, users can check for his birth or death record, court record, marriage or divorce record, property and asset information. A check on an individual’s criminal record would reveal if he has been arrested and convicted of a crime, committed a felony and misdemeanor, is a sex offender, or had any criminal driving infraction. Even his court and probation records as well as mug shots would appear, if any.

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Using people search find long lost relatives and friends or locate associates and classmates by looking up address history, email addresses, and phone numbers. This comes in handy when trying to identify the person behind an unfamiliar phone number, hoping to uncover someone’s name based on his email address, or figuring out who lives in a particular address.

The social media check using the Deep Web Search tool scans the Internet to get videos, profiles, photos, and blogs about a person, including his professional interests as well as any publications and archive information about him.

Search by name to know more about a person or get a name plus his personal information using reverse address search or by looking up his phone number. In case all a user has is an email address, know the full identity of the person who owns the email through eVerify.

Easy access to a wealth of information
With unlimited search and access to its database, eVerify brings a cost-effective solution to users who need important information about people. Instead of hiring private investigators that can be very expensive or investing time and effort to personally do the research, this system offers unparalleled convenience to its members as all the information can be obtained online anytime.

Beginning with the criminal records, which are actually public records, check for previous offenses a person was charged with and the current disposition of the case. Even the important dates, pleas entered into court, and jail time can be accessed using the system.

By accessing court records, members will instantly know of any past bankruptcies, civil judgments, liens, probations, and aliases used by the person they are checking out. Also publicly accessible, arrest records can shed light on individuals one has recently met as these reveal the history and details of offenses committed, from petty to serious ones.

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Keep the family secure by checking the sex offenders record and find out if an individual has a history or what the status of the case is. These reports contain the mug shots, physical description, and details of the charges, including information if a person is currently on parole or under a work release program.

The inmate records search is an accurate and simple way to determine if a person has been involved in a criminal activity in the past. Everyone has a right to go through public criminal record information. The data used in the system is sourced from various government criminal justice and law enforcement records.

Users also get access to the birth records, which are one of the most important documents in public records. Discover a person’s full given name at birth, confirm his age, and identify his origins. On the other hand, a search on the death records would reveal when a person died and where plus the nature or cause of death.

Locate assets using a person’s name, look up a property and its owners using an address, check the divorce records before planning to remarry, dig into marriage records to track family members, and discover the family’s history by going through genealogy records.

Find out what other people will be able to know by searching one’s name from the phone records to civil filings and conducting DUI check, arrest or warrant search, reverse IP search, neighborhood check, business name search, and many others.

eVerify encourages users to be responsible in how they handle the information obtained from its database. For more information, visit

About Everify –
“With eVerify online criminal background checks, you get answers to your questions on a person's background from the best industry and governmental information directories in existence. eVerify stands out above and beyond the competition; as our search results are comprehensive…”

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