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Every Bag Could Use a Bag-Caddy


West Chester, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- introduces their new product Bag-Caddy, a portable support device which helps in transforming ordinary plastic storage bags into easy-to-use, freestanding receptacles. This new versatile product is used as a garden caddy, storage in picnics, camping and is popular as a recycle bin. It is easy to carry and is light in weight, adjustable to work with storage bags of variable sizes say 30, 33 and 38 gallons. Bag-Caddy gives the plastic storage bags a definite shape and makes it easy to carry and fill.

Bag-Caddy is designed in such a way that it can easily roll up into a cylinder and has handles on its side, which makes the transport easy. The four die-cut lock tabs, which are evenly spaced on the top of the Bag-Caddy, are used to lock bag and allows it to be open. This lock tabs are easy to lock and unlock, thus the storage bags can easily be separated from the Bag-Caddy. To know how the caddy works click here:

A Bag-Caddy makes it is easy to clean gardens and yards, and bag grass clippings as well. Users are freed from the difficulties of wrapping and dragging along cumbersome plastic bags. This garden caddy saves time by eliminating excessive lifting and bending “Get more done in less time and with less effort”, says the promoters. Since it is easy to transport the bulky plastic storage bags used in picnics, camping and tailgating are facilitated with Bag-Caddy.

It packs conveniently on any automobile trunk back of a camper or an SUV. When it is not in use, the caddy can be stored neatly on a shelf or store room. “The Bag-Caddy way” of disposing garden caddy as a full bag is effortless. All one needs to do is unlock the bag from the caddy, tie it off on the top of the bag and empty the bag. It is available X-Large in size and the simplicity of setting this up makes it unique.

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About is a website featuring their versatile new product Bag-Caddy which has been introduced recently in the market. The ideal uses of the Bag-Caddy include using it as a garden caddy for garden and yard clean up, as storage bags for collecting recyclables, and for storing things while camping or during picnics. This website also gives its visitors an idea on how to use Bag-Caddy and purchasing it online.