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http:facebook.com/GalPal.AGirlsBestFriend is a Facebook page started by Maggi Romney-Dias who is a former fashion model and a mom of 8 kids. This face book profile is dedicated to girls and women all over the world who want to know everything from makeup application tips to long distance relationship advice.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Long distance relationship advice is not something that anybody can give easily. Those experienced only can share. Makeup application tips change with the type of products used. There are many sites online that give away tips about beauty and relationship advice. However not many can vouch for the things that they recommend. Very few people, who have actually lived what they preach, are available on the internet.

Http://facebook.com/GalPal.AGirlsBestFriend was started earlier this year by Maggi Romney-Dias. Maggi is a former fashion model, now retired and living in Dominican Republic. She is still very involved with beauty, fitness, weight loss, hair makeup and skin care. Maggi has always been interested in sharing the knowledge she has as a model and mother with the women and girls around the world. Facebook seemed to be just the place for it. This recent page already has 14000 likes which goes to show how fast Maggi is catching up despite zero publicity.

A subscription to the site is free and offers instant download of 3 Free Gifts worth over $57.00. The site offers professional tips and advice on hair makeup, skin care, weight loss, beauty plus relationship advice. Maggi also hand-picks special sales, discounts, bargains and E-books for her readers from time to time. Maggi likes to share beauty tips and makeup secrets she came to know as a model, like having flawless skin and looking young forever.

Http://facebook.com/GalPal.AGirlsBestFriend features:-

- Free download of 3 gifts
- Free relationship advice
- Makeup application tips
- Way to weight loss
- E-books on all related topics
- Sale on trendy shoes and other products at special discount prices details

About Maggi
Maggi has seen life, as a model, as a mother of eight and finally as the owner of a business. She believes it’s very important to have the right kind of people in life to succeed in life. Experience has taught that relationships are the very basis of happiness in a person’s life and many risk that by making wrong decisions. Maggi wants to guide those who want to improve the value of their relations. Even though this website is especially for women and girls, many men have also visited and commented on the fact that it gives a good insight into a woman’s mind.

Media Contact:-
Name: - (Maggi Romney-Dias)
Email ID:- mromdias@yahoo.com