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Everyday Pest Control Announces Free, No Obligation Quotes


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Everyday Pest Control announced that the firm is offering free price estimates and no obligation quotes to assist individuals manage their termite control needs. The company utilizes Altriset®, a unique termiticide that stops termite damage within a few hours following application and continues to work for up to nine years.

The company provides consumers with fixed price quotes at no cost, combined with fast and reliable service. Humane methods are used to control pests and the chemicals used are safe and risk free for family members and pets. The company provides affordable termite control and prevention throughout the Melbourne area.

Termites cause $5 billion in damage each year and can be particularly difficult to eradicate. Eliminating the insects requires the services of professionals that are knowledgeable in treatment and prevention techniques. Everyday Pest Control specialises in all aspects of inspection, treatment and prevention of infestations.

A single termite queen reproduces at an alarming rate, producing up to 60,000 offspring in just three years. Even with those numbers, the damage occurs slowly over time and most individuals aren't even aware that an infestation has taken place until significant damage has already occurred. They feed on dead plant material, making wooden structures particularly appealing.

The insects have been around since the early Cretaceous period. Termite colonies can vary widely in size and queens can live for up to 50 years. They can inhabit homes, burrow into dead wood of trees and even live in dying vegetation if sufficient woody material is available. A small termite colony can demolish a one-foot section of a 2x4 in just six months.

Everyday Pest Control utilizes Altriset® for the most effective results. It's applied around the base of structures as a preventative. If a termite comes in contact with the barrier, the mouth becomes paralyzed, dies and is unable to cause destruction. If the termite makes it to the hive, it spreads the termiticide to the rest of the colony.

The free, no-obligation price estimates provided by Everyday Pest Control offers individuals the means to address a termite infestation quickly and affordably. As a premier termite control company, the professionals serve the needs of residents throughout Melbourne with effective preventative and treatment options.

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