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Ilford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- The smartphone market is constantly growing, which makes it not very easy for tech buffs to get updated on the latest smartphone related news. However, there are quite a few informative websites with articles on smartphones. Smartphonego is one such website featuring articles related to all new and upcoming smartphones in the market. The website covers all present and future smartphone manufacturers.

In addition to articles about the cheapest android phone, best iPhone 5 deals and smartphone specifications, Smartphonego also features comparative articles like windows phone vs. android, for instance. Viewers will also be able to view the varying pricing information of smartphones including the current rates for iPhone 5 in USA. “We have the latest information in the fast changing world of smartphone” assures the website, which also provides readers with options to view the website archives, and recent posts which makes it easier for them to read reviews of the latest smartphones in the market such as the unlocked iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 620, HTC Windows Phone 8x etc.

There are many other articles in the website with comparisons of smartphones, information about mobile insurance, tips for optimal smartphone battery life, best iPhone 5 deals etc. The smartphone reviews in the website will give viewers insights on the pros and cons of single SIM and dual SIM smartphones, their pricing and also facts which make a particular smartphone different from others. The reviews are detailed in such a way that readers will even be able to know what the handset body is made of. Although the articles are detailed and informative, they are also quite simple that even simple users will be able to understand them easily.

To read specific smartphone articles, viewers can either select from the categories or use the search bar to directly search for the article. In addition to smartphone articles, the website also features content on smartphone accessories like screen guards and tips to keep in mind while using the accessories. For information on upcoming smartphone models, viewers can read articles from the website.

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Smartphonego is new in the list of websites with informative contents on smartphones. The website makes sure that the viewers don’t miss the latest news in the world of smartphones which includes simple but detailed reviews, comparisons and tips for enhancing smartphone usability. The site covers news about smartphones from all manufacturers.

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