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Everything Summer Camp Now Offers Water Resistant Name Labels


Boyd, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Everything Summer Camp is a leading online summer camp equipment retailer, offering quality name labels to keep track of all types of property that kids bring to summer camps. These water resistant name labels are fully customizable and can be printed in several different fonts. They are great for campers who want to stay organized and not misplace their items while away.

Founded by Craig and Nancy, Everything Summer Camp is the home of C&N Footlockers, offering quality summer camp supplies from name labels to laundry bags. At their launch they only offered American made trunks and grew to the camping gear retailer they are today.

Name labels have been around for some time organizing students, parents, teachers and campers. The first rule when getting ready for a summer camp is to label everything from clothes to camping gear.

Iron-on labels from Everything Summer Camp are made from non-irritating polyester film and are available in three font sizes. The two inch long labels can be personalized to include 20 different cool icons from a tent to a skull.

Another kind of label that is available is clothing stamps. Everything Summer Camp offers two different types of clothing stamps as well as permanent markers. Stamps are as customizable as the iron-on name labels and the result is a clean permanent black ink stamp. The ink is self-stored within the stamp and is good for 3,000 to 5,000 stamps. Customers should always include name labels and clothing stamps when buying their camping gear.

Iron-on name labels and clothing stamps will help families, students or campers get organize. “Wow - this was simple! These labels iron on very easily and stick to anything you can iron! My son is very sensitive to labels that rub on his skin and these don't bother him at all.” said Martha, customer of Everything Summer Camp.

About Everything Summer Camp
Excelling in essentials for summer camp since 1987, Everything Summer Camp is recommended by more camps than any other summer camp outfitter. They offer camp trunks that they manufacture in their own facility, sleeping bags, laundry bags, horse-riding gear, name labels, duffel bags, camp supplies, and more. Located in Boyd, WI, Everything Summer Camp is ready year-round to provide its customers with great product and outstanding customer service. To learn about Everything Summer Camp’s footlockers, accessories, and other products, please visit EverythingSummerCamp.com.