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Everything You Need to Know About Digilock Keypad Locks Revealed by Digitallocksonline Com

Digitallocksonline.com is proud to reveal everything consumers need to know about Digilock Keypad Locks. From functionality to high quality features, keypad locks are essential for a multitude of businesses.


Wantagh, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Respected provider of high end security RFID Locks Digitallocksonline.com has proudly revealed all you need to know about Digilock keypad locks. There are many advantages to transitioning to the Keypad Lock when it comes to security and ease of use. From companies to spas and gyms, a Digital Lock system provides several modes of functionality and a sleek modern design.

With a digital lock, consumers are given the option of assigning permanent use of a locker to one individual. Consumers can also decide to implement locks in shared mode which is ideal for gyms and spas that require shared use of lockers. Users only need to remember a simple 4 digit code instead of fumbling with a combination lock that can be cumbersome.

As an alternative to the 4 digit code, individuals are also able to use an ADA key to open and close their locks. To lock and unlock users only need to touch the ADA key to the keypad. Manager bypass keys and programming keys also deliver external power in case of a battery failure. For those moments when an employee or customer forgets their code, a manager bypass key can unlock any locker.

“Delivering the highest level of security to our customers is our top priority. With digital locks consumers can rest assured that their valuables are safe and sound,” says a Digitallocksonline.com spokesperson.

For businesses in the midst of modernizing their locker rooms, digital locks provide functionality and features for both assigned and shared use lockers. Digilock keypad locks are the perfect combination of quality and security.

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