EveSmoke Electronic Cigarretes Applauds the Marlboro Man Decision to Vape


Miami Lakes, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- From the early 1950s until the late 1990s the “Marlboro Man” was an undeniable icon of the smoking industry. Since then regulation of smoking has changed along with the image of a traditional smoker. What was once a rugged, cowboy is now a modern, professional that is choosing to “vape” rather than puff on a traditional cigarette.

“Smoking remains an ingrained part of our culture,” states Nick Molina, the CEO of the International Vapor Group, “And fortunately, technologically advanced electronic cigarettes provide the best of both worlds.” With the creation of the e-cig, smokers can continue to enjoy the ritual of smoking while simultaneously choosing an alternative lifestyle. These tobacco and smoke free vaporizers give smokers the opportunity to enjoy the experience they crave while eliminating the secondhand smoke and giving them a better alternative.

Celebrities, such as Robert Pattinson, Zak Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio are all traditional smokers who have joined the e-cig movement. They are the “Modern Marlboro Men” that make up a portion of the 2.5 million e-cig users who are educated about a safer and affordable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. These users choose to indulge their habit while avoiding the life-threatening illnesses related to smoking tobacco. And many, according to a 2011 study done by Boston University’s School of Public Health, are choosing to vape to end their indulgence. The study reported that e-cigs effectively helped smokers kick their habit.

It comes at no surprise that smoking has changed over the years. Electronic Cigarettes and vaping are the cornerstones of a lifestyle movement that has proven a threat to the traditional cigarette and smoking market and the International Vapor Group are leading the pack.

EverSmoke, one of the leading brands under International Vapor Group, is designed and made utilizing their superior VaporMax technology that insures a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor. EverSmoke’s cartridges are built using a patented 2-part technology that combines the atomizer with the nicotine cartridge. That means you get a fresh atomizer each time the cartridge is replaced. The cartridges are available in six popular flavors and four nicotine strengths.

About EverSmoke
EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes is a line of revolutionary products that has quickly become a leader in the e-Cig industry. EverSmoke’s Electronic Cigarettes are designed for traditional smokers who want the switch. Consumers are looking for a safer smoking alternative, one that not only works, but is satisfying. As a leader in the electronic cigarette market, EverSmoke has produced the most advanced technology of electronic cigarettes since 2011. EverSmoke’s number one priority is the customer’s experience. Dedicated to giving its customers the products they want and the service they desire, EverSmoke continues to take the industry by storm.

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