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Evil Shadows: A Ground-Breaking New Book Exposes Extreme Injustice Identity Theft Victims Experience at the Hands of the Federal Government

Written by Rick Hallock and based on real-life events, ‘Evil Shadows’ exposes how American identity theft victims can quickly become prime suspects in crimes committed against them. Depicting the author’s own nightmare as he lost his business, friends and livelihood at the hands of federal agents and prosecutor, his story is a warning that all Americans need to hear.


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- With the recent revelations of the extremes NSA will go to in order to collect data, the country and its citizens are more concerned than ever before about their relationship with the Federal Government. While supposedly in place to protect the lives and interest of the United States and its people, a shocking new book by Rick Hallock proves that anyone can become the victim of Government injustice. As but one aspect of the story, the book details how the Government collects a citizen’s most personal information without aid or need to consult with a court and without aid of a warrant.

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews and is sure to gain in popularity as readers become aware of it. One such review from F.T. Donereau opens with “Let me say right at the outset, Rick Hallock's book, Evil Shadows, is an important work, one that should be read, if not studied”

About the Author: Rick Hallock
Rick Hallock is a native of New York State, now resides in Florida and served honourably on nuclear powered Submarine USS Robert E Lee. He pursues a career in computer software engineering and in his spare time enjoys books, both reading and writing.