Evised.Com - New Addition to Affordable Luxury,Tissot Prc200

The luxury watch segment breaks the barrier


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- In what seems to be a trend breaking move, Tissot has launched its new watch, Tissot PRC200 which features in the luxury category but, is priced to suit the needs of the common man. The watch has every single detail luxury watches have. It is a unique piece which promises to make heads turn by going easy on the wallet. A decent budget can accommodate the watch with no need to stretch the ends. It is a deal that is being claimed one a kind in the luxury watch market.

Customers of today do consider price as a big factor in the purchase but, more than that they are more concerned about the features which make the watch functional. Since more than 50% of the purchases are made online, the internet is filled with reviews on watches like the Tissot PRC200. Customers spend a lot of time going through these reviews and only a fraction of it in the actual purchase process because for them, information is more like an enabling tool.

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A good thing about the Tissot PRC200 review on Evised.com is that the review talks about all the features and, at the same time also makes comparisons on specificities that are often missed by customers. Parameters that matter the most like the price are highlighted to help the budget conscious get to their decision quicker.

The reviews follow a structure that maintains information and helps the reader focus on the key features of the Tissot PRC200. Customers can actually expect to make the final decision after reading the review of Tissot PRC200 on Evised. To know more, log onto Evised.comĀ