Joe Bragg

EvoClear Water Brings New, Green & Hassle-Free Filtration Product to the Market


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- In the developed world, many people assume that the water coming through their pipes is clean. However, many areas are affected by hard water containing high levels of mineral deposits that affect taste, or water supplies with high levels of chlorine used in sterilisation that can be deleterious to health over time. These realities have caused many consumers to find filtration systems for their homes, but many of these require filters on every faucet or pipe. EvoClear is a new company launching a new hallmark product that promises to be environmentally friendly and a hassle free, whole house solution.

The EvoClear whole house water filter works by creating a customized blend of filtration agents based on the water-test results from the area the customer is based in, making sure that the right combination is present to create soft, clean water.

The filter promises to prevent the build-up of scale, hard water, sediment and other contaminants, thus protecting the pipes from future plumbing problems as well as saving families significant costs in bottled water. The combination whole house filter also includes a salt free water softener, setting it even further apart from competitors to offer a more environmentally friendly solution.

To celebrate the launch of the product, the company have created a grand opening sale, offering introductory prices to these technologically advanced but simple to use products. The product also comes with a 90 day return policy, free third party water test and lifetime customer support.

A spokesperson for the product explained, “We understand that our highest priority has to be the consumer, so we had to create a product that was hassle-free, but at the same time, our legacy had to be one that was environmentally friendly. This combination of challenges during the product development has resulted in products that are actually better in both respects than if we had just focused on one of these two core values. We’re confident that in a matter of years, we will be the industry leader in filtration.”

About EvoClear
EvoClear is a water filtration company dedicated to providing a sustainable and permanent solution to home water filtration. They offer free water quality tests, have certified Water Quality Association (WQA) installers all across the nation, and will donate 5% of their sales to charities or organizations that help to promote access to quality water in developing countries. For more information, please visit: