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Evolutionary Shoe Lifts Increase Height and Confidence - Lift Height Insoles

The device is 100% concealed and is neatly hidden inside the shoes to boost the height of the user immediately.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Lift Height Insoles is a unique and innovative brand that is set to take the market by storm. Their unique shoe lifts gives the chance for men and women alike to help boost their confidence and self-moral through becoming taller.

While they can't promise that consumers will be able to physically grow taller, they do offer an innovative shoe lift design that is actively helping people around the world to gain more confidence and become happier with themselves.

Unfortunately, in our current world, our subconscious minds are programmed to favour and respect people who are taller than us. Height is a sign of alpha. Much like in the dog world, the pack leaders will always sit on a high perch, while the lower pack members will always sit below.

This translates into the human world too, and has been proven by several studies conducted by scientists. Lift Height Insoles currently offer Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts, Women Ultimate Shoe Lifts and Universal Shoe Lifts. The product, created by founder Alan Newman, has received tremendous success thus far and has helped thousands of consumers gain additional confidence and respect in their lives.

The device is 100% concealed and is neatly hidden inside the shoes to boost the height of the user immediately. They are suitable for almost all types of footwear, such as work boots, dress boots, athletic shoes and sneakers. They are uniquely designed to fit any shoe size.

Currently, they are offering several promotions as part of a celebratory event. For every order that is placed, users can expect to receive a free pair of detachable shoe lifts worth $19.90 in value. Additionally, each person who places an order will receive an e-book called "Style Guide For Short People" which aims to give real help, advice and tips on how to improve height appearance.

About Lift Height Insoles
Lift Height Insoles ship worldwide and had been the popular choice of customers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore since Year 2008. To learn more about Alan's revolutionary product, head over to the website found at: