Evolve Now Inc Introduces a Special Book Called the Midas Effect: Turning Relationships Into Real Gold

Discovering authentic communication, restoring broken relations and finding new opportunities for happier life are just some of the pillars of real gold relationships, which can be found in The Midas Effect: Turning Relationships Into Real Gold.


Calgary, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Evolve Now Inc is a family company founded by a mother, Susan Kasper, and her son, Dolphin Kasper, to inspire people to develop and cultivate their connections and relationship with other individuals and lead authentic and satisfying lives. All the secrets they learned during their 50-years long experience of conducting retreats, online programs, coaching, and workshops are revealed in their new book, called The Midas Effect: Turning Relationships Into Real Gold.

The new Kaspers’ book clearly describes the real source of goodness and happiness in people’s life and reveals the way of maintaining remarkable relationships with others. It will help readers access the change that will transform their life in a powerful way.

“Transform what was experienced as difficulty and struggle into a sense of wonder and freedom.”

One more reason why people might like to choose this book is the fact that 100% of the sale profits are donated to a non-profit charity and educational organization, Free The Children. This organization supports young people to develop their talents and remove all the barriers that prevent them from becoming active citizens.

People who would like to find the source of energy that will inspire their productivity and creativity, to change their attitude toward others, to attract new opportunities, to gain more confidence, freedom, satisfaction, to know that all the money they pay for the book are used for a good cause, and much more, can order The Midas Effect: Turning Relationships Into Real Gold at

About Evolve Now Inc.
Evolve Now Inc. is created by two passionate people that dedicate all their energy to help people find the greatest treasures hidden in everyone. Through the numerous workshops, retreats, private sessions, and speaking events, Susan and Dolphin Kasper teach all individuals to find their real happiness, tranquility, satisfaction and rest.

Dolphin Kasper