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EvoSwing Golf Has Announced That Will Be Releasing a Series of Innovative Golf Instruction Books to Help Golfers Improve Their Games


Georgetown, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- EvoSwing Golf Instruction, whose mission is to provide radically simple and highly effective golf instruction for people of all ages and abilities, has just announced that it will be adding best-selling golf instruction e-books to its innovative instruction programs. Over the past 20 years golf equipment has improved dramatically yet the average score for golfers has not changed. EvoSwing Founder Geoff Greig, author of the e-book series and creator of the EvoSwing Club Online Community, is on a mission to help golfers increase their skills and their enjoyment playing the game. The e-books, Groove Your Move and The Sweet Spot, are the first two books in a six book series designed to cover all aspects of game improvement and drastically reduce the time and energy needed to produce rapid change and lasting results. Any golfer looking for clear concepts that produce powerful results will find The EvoSwing Instruction E-Books to be invaluable tools in their improvement process. The books can be purchased on Amazon or there are direct links to the books on the EvoSwing homepage Any questions or inquiries regarding the EvoSwing e-books or instruction programs can be answered by calling Geoff Greig at 303-569-2389.

EvoSwing Golf has spent over twenty years researching the most essential elements of ball flight, swing mechanics and motor learning science to identify powerful concepts and easy to implement learning progressions that will help golfers play their best golf ever. Until now these amazingly effective learning programs were only available through private lessons and personal instruction. EvoSwing Golf is now happy to offer their books and learning programs too all golfers around the world through the e-book series and the Online Lesson Community. With the release of the first two golf instruction electronic books, Groove Your Move and The Sweet Spot, golfers will now have an opportunity to learn the best and most effective techniques in golf. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer who needs to improve your swing, these electronic books from EvoSwing Golf will give you Maximum Results from Minimum Effort.

The Sweet Spot is a simple, unique and powerful golf instruction guidebook that takes all the complex concepts of the golf swing and reduces them to three essential keys of WHAT to learn. The goal of The Sweet Spot is to give golfers the essential information they need to hit more targets and produce great shots by adapting their swing to the essential keys.

Groove Your Move guides golfers through the Essentials of HOW to change...quickly, easily and permanently. It shows how Proven Swing Progressions and Motor Learning Science provide golfers all the tools they need to achieve Immediate Change and Lasting Results. The Sweet Spot simplifies WHAT to change…Groove Your Move clarifies HOW to change it. The first two books of the EvoSwing E Series will take all golfers to new heights with their game.

Here are some quotes from golfers who have experienced the effectiveness of The Sweet Spot and Groove Your Move of the EvoSwing Instruction Book Series:

"EvoSwing has figured out how to hit the student's psychological Sweet Spot which then translates in to successful improvement on the course. Prepare to impress your golf buddies."

"These books are a fantastic read for golfers of all abilities. I am an LPGA Class A Teaching professional and would recommend these books to any of my students. If you want to improve your golf game, you should read them too!"

The Sweet Spot and Groove Your Move are both Top 10 Best Sellers on Amazon. The Sweet Spot has been the Number One selling Golf E Book for the last 3 weeks and Groove Your Move has been Number Three selling Golf E Book for Sports Psychology! It is quite a feat for new releases to move to the top of their categories so quickly...golfers are obviously enjoying finding The Sweet Spot and then Grooving The Move.

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