Evsum - a Refreshing New Change to the Social Networking Scenario

With Evsum you can earn money by providing creative content and you can comment or open new topics anonymously.


Aranyos, Slovakia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2013 -- Although Evsum ( is brand new, the beta interface looks rather simple and intuitive to use. Here are a few features that makes Evsum stand out from the rest. Afterwards, they will look closer at the registration and first time user experience.

Anonymity Assured

The biggest advantage of Evsum is the anonymity inherent in its design. When was the last time you could post something on Facebook or Twitter with complete anonymity? Never! Well Evsum looks to change this situation with Roundtable discussions, posts and other stuffs more conventional by giving users the option of either remaining anonymous or disclosing their usernames. Also if original poster allows you can comment anonymously on posts.

Chance To Earn

If you are a great writer, know how to ghost write or create content, even make great posts, run superb discussions, then Evsum will give you a chance to earn. The more actively you participate in the social network the more you stand to earn. Its a member privilege to earn for content that gathers a lot of attention. Just add your Flattr username to your Evsum account and the Flattr button will appear on your profile page.

No More Nagging Sign Ups and Email Notifications

Don’t you hate having to share email addresses and getting back nonsensical notifications from networking sites? Well Evsum understands this well and so doesn’t even ask for verification of your mail ID. Neither does it send any kind of message or notification to your email address. Keep your mail ID personal and private without cluttering of useless social network updates.

Impressive Hash and Character Length

Think of it as Twitter rolled into Facebook. Evsum lets you enter upto 5000 characters for content and up to 30 characters for hash feed updates.

Roundtable Discussions

Taking inspiration from forums and chat sites, Evsum brings to the fold Roundtables. Discussing latest news via roundtables is something that is sure to catch the fancy of many users. Choose whether to air your views anonymously or with complete transperancy.

Everything Else

All the other stuff available on hundreds of networking sites are obviously available at Evsum. Subscribing and adding friends, commenting on status updates, uploading pictures and videos, sharing posts and updates on websites are just a few of the basic features of this new social networking site.

First Time User Experience
As mentioned previously, you don’t need to go through lengthy pages full of private information seeking queries and asterisk marked questions. Its quite simple really. Just enter your desired username, password, email ID and full name to join Evsum and start subscribing and adding friends. You don’t get any email confirmation nor any checks to hinder your signup.

Once in, navigation is easy with the top right hand corner dedicated to all your tabs and the top left hand corner having four quick access tabs. The centre of the page is where all feeds, updates and discussion postings are regularly featured with the left side dedicated to subscriber lists, friends and so on. For discussing latest news via roundtables, simply click on the discussions tab to the right hand side corner and start up a new discussion or enter into any of the existing ones.

Its too early to say if Evsum will be able to usurp Facebook in terms of popularity but from the design, features and usability aspect, it looks quite intuitive, simple and easy to use. They think that Evsum showcases the future of social network sites with a direct integration of Twitter and Facebook features along with forums and news sites.

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Ibolya Mark