EWT World Educational Platform Launched to Raise Public Awareness on Coming Water Crisis That Is Going to Hit Half of the World Population by 2030

EWT World is a global environmental project aimed at spreading knowledge on worldwide scale, but primarily targeted at population of water-stressed regions where lack of ground-water sources is critical.


Milan, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2015 -- EWT World website ( operated from Italian headquarters took on its mission to advance the social understanding of the benefits brought by seawater desalination plants – protection against droughts, provision of potable water for human consumption, industrial and agricultural uses, positive impact on sanitary services, employment opportunities. Seawater desalination systems require qualified, trained personnel both during construction and maintenance stages.

EWT World is designed, planned and operated by a company whose name is kept in secret until the desired effect on public opinion matches the planned coverage numbers. Various incentives are proposed to enthusiastic members of EWT community for their efforts in spreading environmental knowledge. For the purpose of engaging the growing community of digital currencies lovers, EWT World is giving away Bitcoin to blog readers. Quizzes and contests with prizes paid in Bitcoin are held daily to further increase the social media buzz and rapidly build up the number of followers.

EWT offers a variety of ways to learn things about water; where it is taken from, how it is treated, how it makes to home tap or bathroom. Surprisingly, most people have very little knowledge of how water supply system works. This knowledge is scarce in areas where water supply is abundant, however the more prone to droughts and thirst a particular area is, the more local inhabitants are aware about water, its sources, dependence on weather and seasons.

Seawater desalination is considered to be expensive in countries where water scarcity is not significant. However, for coastal areas with lack of sources of ground water, especially at times of continuous droughts, seawater remains the only viable source of potable water. Governments and local authorities are reluctant to consider long-term partnership with companies which offer design, construction and maintenance of desalination plants. These fears are mostly caused by lack of desire to take over the responsibilities for future generations which inevitably will be hit by water crisis. "By 2030, every second person on planet will be facing water scarcity", UN report says.

Because the economic effect of running a desalination plant is far from being immediate, but politicians want to show immediate tangible results to electoral masses, they tend to disregard projects that take years to reach break-even point. Even when presented with analytical reports based on facts that the growth of population, ageing of water pipes, and global warming would bring water crisis into existence, they ignore these reports in the hope that somebody else would face those troubles.

The truth is, it is nearly impossible to get prepared for the coming water crisis without the public opinion making pressure on authorities. That is exactly the purpose of EWT world's campaign – to educate the masses, to let them feel they are responsible for the future, and make the authorities take on the projects that would prevent or at least dampen the approaching disaster.

Water is essential to humans, both rich and poor. Earth is running out of clean water. We urge the mankind to start acting before it is too late.

Nuclear Energy Institute estimates the current number of seawater desalination plants at 15,000 units across the globe. The number keeps growing, as desalination technology does. Newer plants are co-generating power or use renewable energy sources instead of traditional power derived from fossil fuels.

EWT World is an Italy-based project developed by a company whose name is not to be disclosed for the time being. Oriented at active Web communities, EWT launched news channels in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+. EWT blog hosts a number of articles about current state of things in seawater desalination, and how this technology is going to shape the future for all of us.

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About EWT World
EWT World is a global educational platform launched in response to contest held by Earth & Water Technologies, a global leader in design and construction of seawater desalination plants. During the first stage of large-scale promotional campaign EWT World aims to raise public awareness of the coming water crisis in countries and regions prone to water scarcity. The core strategy development and management of EWT World takes place in Milan, Italy, though many part-time employees and volunteers are involved remotely.

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