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Ex-Corporate Salesman Robert Wisneski Ditches 6-a Figure Salary to Start His Own Internet Business


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Robert Wisneski, a former corporate salesman earning six figures a year, recently left behind his comfortable job and high salary in order to start his own internet business.

Wisneski joined an affiliate marketing program called the Empower Network. This platform, which has over 60,000 members, helps people learn how to own and manage a successful online home business.

Wisneski is so pleased with the affiliate marketing program at Empower Network and his new career, he is hoping to teach other people how to do it. He wants to work with like-minded entrepreneurs, teaching and training them to learn how to make up to a five figure income every month. He is currently accumulating a group of 17 people to teach them his methods and inspire them to give internet business a try.

According to Wisneski, the reason he was willing to leave his job and lucrative salary behind and start an online home business is because he was so impressed with the Empower Network and the way the program gives its affiliates 100 percent commissions. Over the past year, the program has paid out over $20 million.

“Robert was working 75 hours a week in his corporate sales job, often leaving his house before his family was awake and returning long after they went to sleep,” an article on the Empower Network website noted, adding that as a proven sales executive who consistently over achieved his sales goals, Wisneski was burned out and frustrated with increased quotas year after year.

“He’s found a better way, because of this online system (Empower Network), to achieve his financial and family dreams, all while working from the comfort of home.”

In order to get access to a free training video, people simply need to visit the Empower Network website and enter in an email address. In the video, people can learn about an easy way to make money online by working a couple of hours a day and earn $1,000 by doing so. The program does not involve cold calling or personal selling, and full training is included.

About the Empower Network
Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program that can help people learn how to run an online home business. Sales guru Robert Wisneski endorses internet business as a more lucrative solution for professional sales consultants who are fed up with the current economic climate. Wisneski is currently helpings a handful of lucky people do the same. Over 60,000 people have joined the same “3 Step System” over the years and many have achieved similar success to Wisneski. For more information, please visit http://empowerauthoritypro.com/secret-access-wis-pr