Ex-Cruise Ship Officer Reveals the Best Cruise Secrets That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars Every Time You Cruise


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Cruise Ship vacations are a great way to relax and see the world, but they can be expensive. Thanks to a new eBook called Best Cruise Secrets, cruise ship vacations can become a lot cheaper.

Ex Cruise Officer David Kirkland has brought out an eBook that reveals the best cruise secrets that will save people a great deal of money when they book their next cruise. This eBook brings all the tips to expose the best ways to save money and enjoy a quality cruise at a much lower price.

David Kirkland, who was a 3 stripe officer for ten years, wants cruise lovers to learn all the tricks and tips for reducing the cost of their cruise vacation while not reducing the quality of the cruise. Cruise companies did not want their cruise secrets exposed. This is the book that all cruise companies pretend does not exist.

With Kirkland’s extensive industry knowledge, people will learn the best places on the ship where they can save money. They’ll also learn how to enjoy an upgraded cruise vacation at a huge cost reduction.

All cruise companies want people to believe that every single cruise ship is full, no empty cabins; however, according to David Kirkland there are a large number of cabins that are not sold. After reading Kirkland’s tips and tricks, people will know the various ways on how they can get discounts on these cabins.

First time cruisers and regular cruise fans will save a great deal with David Kirkland’s downloadable book.

One customer frequent cruiser who downloaded the book said:

"We saved $995 on our cruise to the Western Caribbean. Your guide was the smartest investment we could have made.”

Sonia Stern,
Danbury, CT

Cruise vacations are all about quality, but quality does not mean paying a fortune which is why David Kirkland has introduced this eBook to help save money.

If you enjoy relaxation and would like to learn tricks and tips to save money or if you are a regular traveler on cruise ships and would like to save money on your next trip, then visit http://www.bestcruisesecrets.com and learn how the book can help you to save money on your next cruise.