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Ex-Medic Makes Handsome Amounts and Cuts Down on Work Hours

Makes the most of the opportunities offered by Amazing Selling Machine


Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- Maggie Umlauf, an ex-medic has managed to make $100,000 by working on her own time thanks to the options brought to her by Amazing Selling Machine.

Ms. Umlauf was used to working really long hours given the nature of her job. In fact, working ten hours a day was not very uncommon for her. But she had come to a point where she was looking for options that would let her work from home and that’s where Amazing Selling Machine came to her rescue. She began her ASM stint in March 2013 and by July 2014 she had reached earnings of $50,000 per month.

But that’s not all; she had managed to get her earnings to $100 K by August 2014, which in itself is a huge achievement. Meanwhile Ms. Umlauf also saw a big change in her personal life as rather than working long hours, she was now working on her own time. It gave her a chance to start her family, which is something she’d wanted. Today she acknowledges the fact that it’s because she embraced the options given to her by ASM, with open arms.

For someone who had joined the navy after her graduation and then completed her Master’s to become a Physician’s Assistant, life was quite challenging. Her long working hours meant the couple had decided that it was difficult to start a family. But that served as a motivation for Ms. Umlauf to look at different options out there and she came across ASM, which was suggesting something about a 4 hour week.

To figure it out, she landed at the launch video of ASM and decided that she wanted to pursue the course. When asked by her husband whether they could afford to do it now, Ms. Umlauf replied; “can we afford not to?”. That brought her the required support from her husband and off she went for the course. The rest as they say is history, as she has managed to earn substantial amounts without any background in sales.

Her journey in her own words is inspiring for all, “It has been terrifying, invigorating, educational, and mostly exhilarating! I have always worked a job where my schedule is set for me. Now my life is my own.” She also has results to show.

About Amazing Selling Machine
An initiative from entrepreneurs meant to guide students to financial freedom, ASM has already made its mark as sales and business activity generated by its students is somewhere around $142 million.

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