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Excavation M. Leclerc Is Announcing Its Leaching Field Construction Service


Saint-Dominique-de-Bagot, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Excavation M. Leclerc, a Canadian excavation company, is announcing its leaching field construction service.

A leaching field is a wastewater treatment system that can be done with underground perforated pipes or clay tiles. This system distributes wastewater into the natural or contribution soil. When the septic tank’s clear water enters the leaching field and seeps into the ground, they are filtered through the purifying action of micro-organisms to eventually end up in ground water. Thus, in a leaching field, it is the micro-organisms that do most of the work and it is because of the soil that they are able to do what they do.

According to company officials, Excavation M. Leclerc’s constructions are built according to every provincial and municipal standards in effect so their clients are ensured that their project will be well made and respectful of the laws. The company offers many different types of leaching fields according to their clients needs and their land specifications (soil permeability, land slope %, rock and ground water level, etc.)

Anyone interested in Excavation M. Leclerc’s  leaching field construction service  can contact the company at the coordinates below.

About Excavation M. Leclerc
Excavation M. Leclerc is an excavation company located in Saint-Dominique-de-Bagot. The company is specialized in residential, commercial, industrial or civil engineering turnkey projects on Montreal’s south shore. Excavation M. Leclerc is able to perform excavation work on all surfaces, foundation work, soil decontamination, materials transportation, demolition and leaching fields creation.

Excavation M. Leclerc’s offer is adapted to their clients’ budget so they are able to get the work needed done according to it. The company is an Écoflo and Bionest specialist.

Excavation M. Leclerc.
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