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Excellent Financial Solutions for Start-Ups and Small Businesses from Marcio Garcia

Want to be on Shark Tank!!! If so, Think Twice


Newtown, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2017 -- Many start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses think of Shark Tank before exploring their options to finance the businesses. Instead of risking the business by splitting up ownership with loan sharks, one can keep control of their finances and businesses by working with Marcio Andrade. He is the entrepreneur to trust with one's own entrepreneurial aspirations. He guides the business owners through every step of the way to improve their credit rating, secure low interest lines of credit and secure higher lines of credit!

This is the recipe of success to get the business properly financed and secure. Marcio Andrade has faced the challenges of starting and running his own businesses and knows what it's like to be in that position. He chose and carefully crafted the best solutions that are proven to be effective in getting the credit score up, the interest rate down and a line of credit to put money in the pocket.

The great thing about this type of financing is that one can keep control of his or her business and are not put at high risk of trusting loan sharks. It is simply trusting Marcio's team to resolve some questionable marks on the credit score to help lower the interest rates; giving the business owners a variety of wholesale shelf corporations that are aged like fine wine with a good credit score; to boost the credit score; and helping the business owners find the best lines of credit to fund the business needs.

With the unveiling of the next phase of his career, many lives are set for a dramatic, positive turn. Visit to learn more details about Marcio.

About Marcio Garcia Andrade
Marcio Garcia Andrade is an entrepreneur, adventurer, globalist, mentor and a business builder. Marcio is a founder, owner and architect of a variety of websites in corporate as well as consumer finance categories.

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