Exception PCB Seeing Huge Rise in Demand for Its Services and Products

Exception PCB sees a large rise in demand partly due to its high melting point soldering.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- Contract electronic and printed circuit board manufacturer Exception PCB has drawn in another thirty clients over the last year, and is currently experiencing an increase in the demand for its high melting point soldering from the offshore sector.

Exception PCB has attributed this to its ability to respond promptly to the needs of its customers, as well as to its efficient supply chain management, refined processes and depth of expertise. Investment is also believed to be contributing factor, with the company having spent more than £200,000 on new hardware and software, so that it will be better able to support product changeovers on the ‘My Data’ mount lines. This investment has allowed the company to improve its efficiency and capacity, which has allowed for more reactive and flexible operations, extending into its just recently upgraded service, ‘Fast-track’.

Exception PCB will also be introducing an automated extension of its process for high melting point soldering; this decision was the direct result of the demand for electronics from the company’s gas and oil customers, who need equipment which can operate well in high temperature, harsh environments.

The company focus on creating electronic solutions for businesses in industries which require their electronic components to function effectively, even when temperatures are extremely high. Drill heads, used by the aforementioned oil and gas companies, are a prime example of this. As deeper extractions using these tools are becoming more and more common, the demand for more robust drill heads has risen dramatically.

The company’s supply chain management service for PCBs is also helping its customers to cut down on costs; for instance, this year an organisation called Apollo Fire Detectors made savings of over one million pounds, due to their implementation of a supply chain programme which they chose to outsource.

As Exception PCB has continued to grow, so too has its need for highly skilled employees. Because of this, the company has chosen to upgrade its current programme called Training Academy. The Operations Director, Mark Davies remarked that the company’s workforce is absolutely critical to the success of its business, and so the upgrade was a logical step in the right direction.

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