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Exceptional Customer Service Leads to Growth in 2011 for UK Payday Loan Provider Same Day Money Ltd.


Derbyshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) --10/07/2011 -- Same Day Money Ltd, one of the UK's leading providers of payday loans is experiencing a noticeable spike in customers for 2011. The same day payday loans specialists cite their customer service as the predominant reason.

As everyday costs rise across the UK, more middle class families and individuals are finding themselves in need of a short-term loan at least once or twice a year. For those unwilling or unable to turn to banking institutions, payday loans are the primary choice. With the terms of most payday loan companies being relatively equal, it often comes down to customer service as to which company to choose.

Since opening their doors in 2004, Same Day Money Ltd. has helped thousands of people to enjoy financial peace of mind through easy terms, quick approval and most of all, customer service. “Our objective is to treat every customer with respect and dignity rather than as just another number by making sure their loan experience is transparent, fast and hassle-free,” said the Same Day Money representative.

By making an application for a payday loan with Same Day Money, customers can be certain of an immediate online decision. Individuals can borrow from £80 up to £1000 depending on their personal circumstances. Charges from the payday loans specialists are completely transparent, with no set-up fees or hidden costs. Once the individual is approved, the amount is transferred directly into their UK bank account so they can access it in the same way that they would take money from their account.

Same Day Money operates on a fixed fee basis and charges from £25 to £30 per £100 borrowed. It only takes a few minutes to apply and sign for a payday loan. Eligibility parameters are that the individual be over 18 years of age, have permanent employment earning more than £750 a month and have a debit card to utilize for repayment on their next payday. As a responsible lender Same Day Money uses credit reference agencies to verify identity. “Once the loan is repaid, we notify the credit reference agency to help improve your credit rating,” said the representative.

Part of superior customer service is having the understanding that personal financial circumstances can change at a moment’s notice. When loan recipients make the loan provider aware of the change, they work to find a way to accommodate them without adding to their financial strain. For more information and to apply for same day payday loans, please visit http://samedaymoney.co.uk/