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Excimer Laser Market: Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of Top Industry Players


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2018 -- An excimer laser, also known as exciplex laser, is one of the form of ultraviolet laser which is has major applications in the production of microelectronic equipment and devices, eye surgery, semiconductor based integrated chips or circuits and micromachining. An excimer laser primarily consists of reactive gas, for instance chlorine or fluorine along with noble gas, for example, krypton, argon, xenon. The excimer laser market has been segmented into by emission wavelength which includes less than 200 nm, 200 nm – 300 nm and more than 300 nm. The market has been segmented into by end use industry which includes industrial equipment, aerospace and military, automotive, healthcare among others. The excimer laser market by region has been segmented into, Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, South America and MEA (Middle East and Africa).

The major industrial end use of excimer lasers has been in microelectronic equipment and devices along ultraviolet photolithography. Moreover, excimer lasers have high-power ultraviolet output which is making it useful for surgery, which is one of the driving factors which fuel the application of excimer lasers in medical devices. Furthermore, excimer lasers have major applications in research laboratory equipment. Major end use of excimer lasers include laser ablation, photolithography for semiconductor chips, pulsed laser deposition, the microstructuring of transparent media, laser marking, eye surgery, dye-laser pumping and psoriasis treatment.

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With the growing technological advancement and research activities in the field of excimer lasers, the advanced and upgraded excimer lasers are having a positive impact on the market. Advanced excimer lasers primarily offers combination of short pulse duration and high pulse energy in the UV wavelengths. These prime attributes combine to offer a unique photonics tool primarily for the commercialization of novel end uses which include LTPS (low temperature poly-Si) annealing in FPD (flat panel display), pulsed laser deposition in thin-film manufacturing, direct patterning in advanced packaging markets and surface hardening in automotive sector. The lifetime of an excimer laser is limited by gas contamination, dust created by the electric discharge, corrosion processes, apart from problems with the high-voltage electronics. These challenges may inhibit the application of excimer laser in different end use industries which is considered as one of the restraining factor for the market. Cyclical nature of semiconductor industry may be considered as one of the challenging factor which may inhibit the growth of the excimer laser market. However, application of excimer laser for different end use industries which include manufacturing, construction and power generation is one of the prime opportunities for the market.

In 2016, North America accounted for the largest market share in terms of revenue for the excimer laser market, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. The U.S. is leading the market for excimer laser in North America. Germany, the U.K., Italy, France among others are contributing positive share in the excimer lasers market. In Asia Pacific, China, Japan, and India, South Korea among others are some of the major market contributing in the positive development of the market for excimer lasers. In Middle East and Africa, there has been considerable advancement and development in the field of electronics and other industries for example; automotive sector is fueling the demand for excimer lasers market. In South America, Brazil and Argentina are anticipated to contribute positive growth over the forecast period from 2017 to 2025.

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Coherent, Inc. (The U.S.), Alcon Inc. (The U.S.), Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte Ltd. (Singapore), NIDEK CO., LTD. (Japan), AMS Technologies AG (Germany), Laser 2000 GmbH (Germany), Radiant Dyes Laser & Accessoires GmbH (Germany), Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG (Switzerland) among others are some of the prime companies operating in the excimer laser market globally.