Exciting Investment Opportunity Surfaces in Philadelphia

The Overseas Investor has just launched some exciting investment opportunities in the city of Philadelphia, that guarantees fantastic return on investment.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- An exciting new investment opportunity has surfaced in Philadelphia, USA. The Overseas Investor are offering affordable high-yield properties in the city in what they describe as "one of the strongest, reliable and stable investment products in the world today."

Prices for these properties for sale in Philadelphia range between US$39,500 and US$85,000. These prices include a complete renovation and a seven year warranty on all work. People will also get full rights to hold deed and title, meaning that investors get maximum security on their investment and ensuring they can benefit from appreciation of property values.

Much of the excitement surrounding this investment opportunity comes from the fact that The Overseas Investor are offering a remarkably complete and secure package for the initial outlay. The properties bring in monthly returns through rent at a rate between 9-14% on average, and no direct involvement with the property is required. A local associate of The Overseas Investor will manage, maintain and service the property and do everything necessary ensure that it is consistently turning a profit. Rental income is guaranteed through a third party insurer, and returns will be directly transferred to the investor's bank account.

However, for all these attractive features, many will feel that one of the biggest advantages these properties have is simply their location. Philadelphia has attracted considerable interest from investors recently, and is a secure and attractive place to invest. The city has a high quality of life combined with a low cost of living. As the cost of living in other US cities climbs, people are being attracted to Philadelphia as a more affordable place to live. Combined with other financial factors such as low taxes and affordable property prices, this has brought a large rental market into Philadelphia. As a result, the city has grabbed the attention of property investors a place where they can secure homes for affordable outlays and then fill them with relative ease.

The growth of the rental market in Philadelphia has also been fuelled by the city's success in growing its local economy and boosting its workforce. Recent years have seen the city create new jobs in a very broad range of industries such as medicine, corporate companies, and construction. This has given the city a low unemployment rate and a higher level of secure income for its inhabitants, as well as drawing in people from all over the US who move to Philadelphia for employment. These factors have also swelled the city's rental market and earned it further attention from investors who are keen to benefit from high demand.

With such a prime location, low outlay and good returns, the new opportunity from The Overseas Investor is likely to prove popular. Certainly, many will be keen not to pass up one of the most secure and complete packages on the current market. At present, new properties are becoming available daily, but demand for the new opportunity is likely to be high nonetheless.

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