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Exciting New Trade Alert Software for Forex Traders Generates Huge Profits on the 4 Hour Charts, Reports TheForexArticles.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Bill Poulos and his team at Profits Run have created some of the best trading software on the market in recent years, and one of their best-selling trade alert software has recently been enhanced and is now said to be even more profitable, according to TheForexArticles.com.

This software will be going on sale to the public once again later this month (December 2013), but in the meantime this preview video has been created to show people some of the trading signals that have been generated using this software, and to demonstrate just how profitable it can be when used to trade the major forex pairs.

Apparently it cost over $20,000 to develop and is based on three highly profitable trading strategies, which is why the returns are so impressive.

It can be used to trade the 4 hour charts with great success because it is able to predict the 8 hour trends with remarkable accuracy, and alert people to the very best set-ups for all the major currency pairs (in real-time).

Here are some of the trading results that have been achieved over a 1-month period using this trade alert software:

- EUR/USD pair: 697 pips from 9 trades
- GBP/USD pair: 437 pips from 8 trades
- AUD/USD pair: 487 from 7 trades
- USD/CHF pair: 214 from 6 trades
- USD/JPY pair: 292 pips from 7 trades
- USD/CAD pair: 275 from 6 trades

Commenting on this custom built trade alert software, a spokesman for TheForexArticles.com said:

"There are lots of robots and expert advisors being sold online these days, but many of them fail to make money in the long run."

"This custom built software, however, has been developed by Bill Poulos and his team of experts at Profits Run, and is based on three highly effective trading methods that help to pinpoint only the very best high probability set-ups for its users, making it one of the most effective on the market right now."

Anyone that would like to find out more about this trade alert software, can do so by watching the preview video at:


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