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EXCL Coin Introduces a Smarter Way to Secure Investments Through Bitcoin


Slovenia, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- While many a company owner does not understand the way Bitcoin works, the biggest companies in the world – Dell Computer, Expedia Inc. and to name a few – and a few number of literate companies are turning into Bitcoin as a means of anonymous payment and secure investment. Being the only currency that is not under the government rule, Bitcoin has become the wisest financial choice of business-minded individuals as it rids of a number of financial problems such as inflation due to economic crises and government confiscation.

Because of the undeniable success of the Bitcoin in the industry, many new cryptocurrencies have been produced recently; however, almost every coin that is produced such as Litecoin (LTC) failed. That is why a member of was able to arise a new innovation – a much safer, much better digital currency called EXCL Exclusive Coin.

About EXCL Exclusive Coin
EXCL Exclusive Coin revolutionizes the industry of digital currencies as it thoroughly secures any individual’s investment with its unique, innovative features. EXCL Exclusive Coin allows any individual to purchase some items cheaper than their BTC Bitcoin price. That said the convertion value of the coins will not hold much significance anymore – say if the coin is 1 Satoshi or 0.1 BTC Bitcoin, because the items will be priced externally. What’s more, 100% of bounties will be paid in BTC Bitcoin because there will be no EXCL Exclusive Coin to be dumped.

Moreover, EXCL Exclusive Coin introduces the external block explorers. These block explorers restrict the devs manipulating explorers as the third party hosters handle the transactions. In addition to that, EXCL Exclusive Coin makes use of innovative technologies like x11 Algo which allows the coin to become ASIC resistant, and little PoS which generates a much safer network and does not make whales stack in a great manner.

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