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Exclusive LifeLock Promo Code Released for Savings on a Membership


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- LifeLock is a program which helps its members stay protected against identity theft. Recently a new Promo Code was made public which will help members save up to 15% on their monthly membership fee. The identity protection company came into being as a way to solve the identity theft issue countless people have to face on a yearly basis, unfortunately according to data from FTC identity theft issues have remained one of the top complaints faced by consumers in years 2012, 2013 and continues to be a major problem. As explained in a LifeLock review (

"It (identity theft) even beat out complaints about debt collectors, banks/lenders and “free” prize entries. So this is a serious problem with approximately 400,000 people reporting it to and an estimated 11.6 million Americans became victims in 2012.”

These are the alarming figures which stand as testaments to the fact that more and more people are vulnerable to the problem of identity theft; imposters are coming up with new and ingenious ways of stealing other people’s identities to use to their own advantage. After stealing personal and financial information identity thieves can use this data to commit crimes, cause credit problem, rent out or buy property or other stuff. All these can seriously damage the credit history, reputation and life of a person; therefore it is necessary for people to take appropriate steps as precaution against identity theft. A basic or Ultimate membership offers many features that will allow members to protect and monitor their information. discusses the various features, membership packages and pros and cons of the system. The post defines LifeLock as:

“It’s a company started in 2005 and is an award winning industry leader in identity theft protection. The CEO is the guy who used to put his social security number out in public. They currently have 2.5 million members.”

This system offers the all-important peace of mind people get when they are aware that their information is secure and protected. The website has also shared discount codes to help people test the protection system and save money on membership for up to a year and more. There are two options for a LifeLock promo code offered on the site:

15% discount for first 6 months + 30 days Free through April 30, 2014 with promo code FifteenS30.

Code TEN30 for 30 days free and a permanent 10% discount off the regular price.

About is a website designed to help people understand the dangers of identity theft and the methods and products that will help people protect their information. They also offer various discount codes on identity theft protection products.

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