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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 --, a Website with all facilities for Blogging in text and images has today announced their starting of the site, for the sole purpose of Guest Blogging on exclusive Mobile Phone Technology Blog. This announcement is intended for inviting all net-visitors, who are technical savvy on Mobile Phone Technology, enthusiasts in acquiring knowledge and information of new and innovative technology upgrades for Mobile Phones, as well as Mobile Phone manufacturers and traders in all countries, to make use of Website.

The announcement indicates the specific rules and regulations for Blog writers, to contribute valuable and informative Guest Blogs. It is also announced that Blog Writers can illustrate their points, with images in color. They can also attach Back-links in their Blogs, to divert readers of their Guest Blogs to any site, which is engaged in any business, not necessarily Mobile Phones. But the announcement stipulates the Guest Blogs will be allowed only on the various dimensions of Mobile Phone Technology, such as new Mobile Phones, new applications, modification of any present applications, together with the technical specifications, reviews, and such other connected news and information about Mobile Phones.

The Mobile Technology has taken the entire world by surprise. What were initially hand devices for communication purposes, obviating the need for installation, wiring, and activation by respective Telephone Authorities, in the country for stationary land-line telephones, transformed the entire concept. A Mobile Phone is now a Mini-computer and all the applications and software used in computers have been transshipped safely into these hand-devices. The best part is Mobile Phones enabled Internet accessibility on the go. This one feasibility made a revolution in the sales and usage of Mobile Phones, all over the world.

As of today, many Mobile Phone Manufacturers old and new have been introducing numerous technology upgrades, and unbelievable features like Google Maps in these hand phones, to locate instantly any address, road or building wherever the user is, irrespective of country limitations. All these newer technology upgrades should have a media, to reach the end-users in millions, scattered all over the world and countries. Writing Technical Blogs is the easiest way for publicizing the innovations, upgrades, features, models and applications made available in latest Mobile Phones.

There is a separate world of readers out there, craving for such information eagerly.’s announcement is timely, to be welcomed by this Mobile Phone Technology audience. The Guest Blogging facility encouraged freely by will bring forth twin-benefits – both to the Blog writer and readers. On the one hand, Blog writers can share their expertise and knowledge about Mobile Phones in general, and Mobile Phone Technology in particular.

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