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Exclusive Sale on Fantasy Ebook 'Savage Storm' at Brave Luck Books

Fantasy fans who visit the web store of author Tracy Falbe receive a special 30 percent off the epic adventure Savage Storm through June 7th. Brave Luck Books serves a worldwide audience with DRM-free ebooks in multiple formats.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Readers who seek out their favorite authors online can enjoy special discounts, freebies, and writing updates when they connect. When fans of fantasy author Tracy Falbe of Battle Creek, Michigan join her Readers’ List, they are the first to be notified of new releases and exclusive sales.

On Saturday May 31st her readers were alerted to her 30 percent off sale on the epic fantasy ebook Savage Storm: Rys Rising Book II. The discount lasts through June 7th and is only available at the author’s web store Brave Luck Books.

Routinely the author’s promotional efforts for her nine fantasy novels include discounts and coupons only at Brave Luck Books.

“It’s a little reward system I have for readers who connect with my directly. It’s a creator-to-consumer relationship we don’t get to have through the big retail stores,” Falbe said.

Savage Storm is the second novel in the Rys Rising series. It focuses on the rise of Amar as an Overlord. He’s sworn to serve the magical rys Onja. She’s conquering a whole civilization and imposing herself as its Goddess. Her purpose is to claim enough tribal armies to take against her true enemies the tabre of Nufal.

“Cities will fall and the old guard will be tossed off its thrones in Savage Storm, I promise you,” Falbe said.

Because Savage Storm is the second book in the series, readers will likely want to start with the first book Rys Rising. It is a free ebook at Brave Luck Books. Selling for $2.99 at other retailers, the free ebook Rys Rising represents another reader reward her fans find by connecting with her.

The Rys Rising series is a complete 4-book saga that continues in New Religion and Love Lost. Falbe is also the author of another fantasy series The Rys Chronicles. Her newest endeavor is the historical fantasy Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale.

Because Falbe’s web store serves downloads worldwide and sells multiple ebook formats she invites any fantasy readers anywhere to join her email list.

“I pick titles to put on sale at random. Sometimes it’s just at the website. Sometimes it’s at Amazon and Smashwords too,” Falbe said.