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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2017 -- Shawls and Scarves are an excellent way to accent any outfit especially during the winters. From covering the bare shoulders to protecting from the chilled weather, shawls are considered to be the most versatile accessories to any wardrobe. These accessories can be just a decorative addition as well for those who want to accentuate their formal outfits. The site offers exclusive artisan shawls and scarves in different types, patterns, designs and materials.

Here are a few latest additions:

-Rustic Gingham Tassel Scarf – Priced at $40.98, this rustic yet soft shawl for women is a perfect way to escape the cold weather. This knit scarf which is made up of soft cotton is a great accessory for those who want to look different. It is definitely a winter essential and a must have wardrobe accessory.

-JnB American Flag Infinity Knit Scarf – Priced at $39.98, this American Flag Infinity Scarf is an all-time favorite for many. The design itself is very unique wherein half of the scarf is blue with white stars and the other half with red and white stripes. It offers an excellent look when both the sides are looped together to form an infinity.

-Popular Print Chiffon Scarf – Priced at $36.98, this shoulder scarf is printed with characters like Cartman, Butters, Chef, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and the rest of South Park characters. This trendy scarf is a great way to add the fun element to an outfit and is perfect with casual wear.

-O05C High Low Checkered Plaid Vest – Priced at $59.98, this trendy high low shawl is an excellent way to add a modern touch to the outfit. It perfectly drapes the body and provides a different look to casual or formal outfits. It comes with the most favorite color-blocked plaid design.

-Two-Sided Big Grids Houndstooth scarf/ shawl – Priced at $52.98, this beautiful scarf is a fashionable addition to the wardrobe. This over-sized knit wrap not only protects from the cold weather but is also currently in the fashion trend. A must have this season; this scarf keeps the body warm all day and can be worn directly over the outfit or even the jacket/ coat.

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Artisan Shawls and Scarves, is an online store that offers exclusive artisan shawls and scarves. The store offers a great variety of scarves and shawls ranging from beach wraps to pashmina, turtlenecks to winter knit infinity scarves and many more.

Artisan Shawls and Scarves