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ExclusiveNiche.com Expands Its Private Label Rights Range to over 10,000 Products


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Private Label Rights is a licensing arrangement made on intellectual property that is common in Internet marketing. When the Private Label Rights to something are bought, the buyer owns full rights to it, including resale rights, as he or she feels fit. This means that astute Internet marketers can make huge amounts of money reselling Ebooks and other types of intellectual property without having to create them directly themselves.

One private label rights related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is ExclusiveNiche.com, one of the most established PLR providers having been established since 2006. They offer thousands of Private Label Rights products including, ebooks, articles and email autoresponder series across countless niches. The website has long been regarded as the most powerful PLR website on the Internet and the addition of the new products with a further 7,000 to come has cemented this position.

The site has its own internal search engine and like all good search engines, the operation of the site is extremely intuitive and user friendly. Users enter some keywords into the search field and click search. The website then presents them with an exhaustive list of PLR material available for purchase. When they click on one of the search results they are instantly transported to an information page that tells them more about the product.

Unlike most PLR providers ExclusiveNiche.com provides a high percentage of PLR products that are exclusive to their site. Despite the quality and exclusivity of the products they maintain a market leading, affordable pricing strategy.

A spokesperson for the website said: “PLR articles are essential for Internet marketers. They help marketers populate their sites with a huge amount of content quickly for a relatively small fee. The quality of writing is generally very good, and delivery is instant. This makes it an extremely cost effective alternative to commissioning articles from a writer, and has the advantage of being completely hassle free. The problem for many marketers has been finding articles available for sale. Our internal PLR search engine neatly solves that problem. It lets marketers instantly search through our huge database of PLR articles available for sale. When they enter relevant keywords they are instantly given a huge list of matching articles. There are articles on almost every niche, and many ebooks and email autoresponder series too.”

About PLRSearch.ExclusiveNiche.com
PLRSearch.ExclusiveNiche.com is an established PLR supplier who has been helping internet marketers since 2006. Their internal search engine lets marketers find PLR articles and ebooks in an instant. For more information please visit http://www.ExclusiveNiche.com