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Executive Accounting Services Helps Young Adults Manage Credit Card Payments


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- The Raleigh Accounting team at EAS has been working diligently to help individuals and families become aware of the difficulties and risks involved with maintaining open lines of credit. During the holiday season, effective practices to pay off debt can be ignored and the consequences can last for many years.

Credit card debt is an exceedingly delicate part of many people’s lives. Many individuals see credit cards as an easy way to access money when cash flows are limited, and bills can quickly add up as monthly payments roll in. EAS team is currently working to help educate the public about responsible credit card usage and how to effectively chip away at the amount owed.

Sessions have been offered, where the accounting team has sat down and explained to young adults why they are often the target of credit card companies. It is widely understood that lines of credit are both a blessing and a curse and that young people are easily susceptible to credit card sign-ups with the offer of free merchandise.

When asked for information about the meetings, Terri Benforado from EAS stated: “The easy access to money through a credit card can quickly compound and grow beyond a manageable amount. It is up to the user to know when to cut back on spending. A limit on a credit card should not always be the point where you stop borrowing money.“

One of the main goals for these Raleigh Accountants is to teach young adults to effectively pay off their debt by providing more than the minimum amount due each month for payments. The monthly minimums pay off the accrued interest, and by paying beyond that amount it is possible to effectively chip away at the amount originally borrowed. The more you pay, the faster you can pay off the debt.

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