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Executive Auto Salon Now Offering Detailing to Protect Cars for Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Executive Auto Salon, one of the leading providers of auto body repair in Philadelphia, is now offering detailing for fall 2014. Detailing vehicles for the fall and winter will protect them from the elements and falling debris. Unprotected paint is subject to stains from fallen leaves, and salt thrown up by car tires can corrode vehicles’ metal frames. Additionally, conditioning leather for cold conditions will prevent it from cracking. Come have the Executive Auto Salon experts perform detailing at their location in either Center City and Northeast Philly that will protect cars throughout the winter.

Executive Auto Salon interior detailing includes shampooing of seats, carpets, and floor mats. Technicians will also clean the dashboard, door panels, center console, arm rests, vents, trim, headliner, and door jams. They will power dry the interior after cleaning and apply leather and vinyl conditioner. The company finishes the job by adding the aroma of the driver’s choice.

During an exterior detailing, technicians start by degreasing and power washing the engine compartment and then applying protective treatment. They will then remove all tar and road debris from the exterior and clean the wheels, wheel wells, and tires. Exterior paint is reinforced through a machine compound and 3 step machine polish to achieve ultra high gloss retention. A hand paste wax seals in this gloss finish.

Detailing services include free pickup and delivery from insured in-house valets or rental car arrangements.

For more information on detailing or auto body repair in Philadelphia, visit Executive Auto Salon online or call 215-289-1500.

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