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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2017 -- Executive Auto Salon, the premier auto body shop in Philadelphia, is one of the leaders in auto repair in the Philadelphia area. Their wide range of services helps make them one of the leaders in a market that is filled with body shops. To stand out in a city as big as Philadelphia is no easy task, but a task that Executive Auto Salon has certainly achieved.

Philadelphia residents have trusted Executive Auto Salon for over 16 years with their cars, trucks and other vehicles. From minor scratches and dents to full car restoration, their team is known for reasonably priced service that is done quickly and effectively.

"Just because we provide a service to customers does not mean that we aren't customers as well for other things. We treat our customers they way we like to be treated when we happen to be customers," said Chris Toriello of Executive Auto Salon. "When you fortunate enough like us to wake up every morning and get to do what you live every day for a living, it's easy to bring a positive mindset with you to the workplace. That positive mindset is all you need to make sure your customers are going to great customer service."

Aside from vehicle repair, Executive Auto Salon is also the place to go to get your car hand washed, waxed and detailed. This helps to even make an old car look brand new.

Interested parties should visit http://executiveautosalon.com or call (215)-289-1500 for more information.

About Executive Auto Salon
Executive Auto Salon is proud to offer the finest automotive detailing, auto body repair, and painting services in the Tri-State area. They possess over 25 years of automotive experience. The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service for those in the Philadelphia area. Executive Auto Salon is happy to assist those who are looking to take care of their automobile.

To learn more, visit http://www.executiveautosalon.com/.