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Executive Coaching Expert Annette Mitchell Discusses the Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2012


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- In her work as an executive coach, Annette Mitchell has helped many clients over the years to reach their full potential. Her effective executive coaching techniques help businesses organise their time better and develop their team’s culture, which in turn can lead to increased profits.

As part of Mitchell’s business coaching program, she often explains how companies can best market themselves. In order to share these tips with everybody, Mitchell has just released an article called “Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2012.”

“When some people think or talk about ‘Marketing’ they immediately think of advertising,” the business coach noted.

“However, advertising is only one form of marketing, and print advertising is often the most expensive. There are countless ways to market your business that are much more creative, interesting and that could be more suitable for your business and could possibly get you much better results than what your current advertising does.”

For example, Mitchell suggests that businesses focus on differentiating themselves as much as possible. This involves finding out what their niche or specialty area is that sets them apart from their competitors, and then making what she refers to as “a big deal about it.” Companies should educate their customers and prospects about this aspect of their business through all their marketing mediums and communications.

Second, businesses should gather testimonials from their existing clients and use them on their websites and any other marketing collateral.

“Testimonials give you and your business credibility and make your new customers feel ‘safe’ to commence doing business with you,” Mitchell noted.

Next, companies should make an effort to keep in touch with their customers. While Mitchell agrees that sending out regular newsletters is a great way to keep in touch with customers and encourage them to come back, they must be interesting to read and add value to their business in some way. She suggests giving away some free tips and ideas, and maybe a success story or two that gives examples of how well the company does business.

Having a website is also necessary for businesses to succeed in marketing, Mitchell said, adding that it does not have to be flashy or glamorous to be effective. She suggests adding a video to the home page and paying close attention to getting it search engine optimized.

Fifth, Mitchell wrote, companies should have a guarantee that converts prospects to customers.

“What is the greatest fear your prospects have about doing business with you? – then create a guarantee to alleviate that fear,” she said.

Using a sales process consistently is also a good way to improve a company’s conversion rate, Mitchell said, especially if it is a business based on proposals and quotes. This ensures that a sales pitch is consistent and the sales people are selling at their peak.

In addition, companies should build and use their database. Mitchell feels so strongly about this, she refers to it as the “Gold of your business.”

“Build a database of both customers, prospects and ‘maybe’s,’” she advised, adding that business owners should keep in touch with them regularly for two reasons.

“One, the best people to sell to are the ones who have already bought from you, and two, just because someone hasn’t bought from you in the past doesn’t mean they won’t in the future – sometimes it’s all about timing!”

Number eight on Mitchell’s Top 10 list is to develop strategic alliances. Company owners should look at the businesses in their area that have the same or similar type of customer base, but are not their competition, and market to each other’s databases.

Getting together with the best clients or customers can also be very effective, Mitchell said. Business owners can spend an evening with them enjoying some food and drink and using the time to promote a new product or service. Building trust and rapport with clients will go a long way in helping a company succeed.

Finally, Mitchell reminds business owners to promote and market their business to the most important people of all—their own employees.

“They are the ones you need to empower to interact and sell with passion and enthusiasm to your customers. Remind them of the company’s successes and keep them excited about serving your customers with great product knowledge and a ‘can do’ attitude.”

About Annette Mitchell
Annette Mitchell is Business Coach based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her professional life involves helping business people get results in their businesses and organisations by managing their time more effectively, developing their teams and organisational culture, and increasing profitability. Mitchell also offers a free consultation from her website. For more information, please visit http://www.executivecoach.org.nz