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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2012 -- The combinations of potential career advancement, a tight labor market and increasing global workforce competition is prompting more business people to seek Executive MBA (EMBA) career path information form the Website executivembaguides.org. The Website provides prospective students and business professionals with listings, reviews, and career information about EMBA programs.

The MBA degree has been the standard for those looking to enter and advance in the professional business. In today’s highly competitive and global business environment, working business executives are looking for ways to advance their careers through further education while balancing work and home life. The rewards for those holding an MBA are many including dramatically increased income and long-term career prospects. In addition, MBA and EMBA program graduates can command wages between $51,840/year to more than $112,800/year depending on career track.

While traditional MBAs and Executive MBA programs generally provide the same curriculum and career potential, the differences between the two are important. “We created the Website to help people understand the options and differences between the traditional MBA and the EMBA so that they can make informed decisions about their careers,” said an executivembaguides.org Website representative.

Traditional in-classroom MBA programs are often outside the realm of possibility for working professionals who must juggle their jobs and family. The advent of accelerated programs such as EMBA has become a popular way to effectively balance work, home life and continuing education. Many companies realize the benefit to their business and the employee, so they often provide tuition reimbursement for those seeking an EMBA. However, the Website makes it clear that there are a number of pros and cons for each route that must be considered on an individual basis.

Typically, applicants to these programs are expected to bring at least five years of business experience to the table for admission to the programs. Students that take weekend only online EMBA courses can obtain their degrees in as little as two years, but the programs are not suited or even open to every student. There are myriad decisions when choosing an EMBA program,” said the resource Website representative. “We try to provide a definitive information resource to help them find the best programs and schools that matches their individual career goals.”

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Executivembaguides.org/emba is a resource Website providing in-depth information about Executive MBA Programs, Online Executive MBA Programs, admissions, schools, tuition and more. The Website spells out the differences as well as pros and cons of traditional classroom MBA and EMBA programs. Additionally, the Website provides a wealth of information on career paths and the decisions affecting the choice of EMBA programs.