Exede Internet Launches High-Speed Internet Connection with Free Installation

Exede Satellite Internet provides high-speed Internet service to allow businesses and residents to have the best possible service. The plans are available throughout the United States, including rural areas and now comes with free installation


Norcross, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2015 -- Exede Internet is pleased to announce that the company offers affordable Internet services to customers who live in places where Internet access is problematic. With so much of today's business being conducted online, those who are not in an area where the cable is feasible can access the World Wide Web through a satellite dish.

Satellite Internet operates by attaching the personal computer to a modem, which in turn is attached to a satellite dish. The Internet signal is generated between the satellite dish and satellite in low orbits above the earth. The signal relay requires only a fraction of a second. The delay in receiving the signal is essentially unnoticeable.

This service allows people living and working in rural areas to have the same high-quality Internet service as people living and working in large towns and cities. Exede Satellite Internet has received positive reviews for providing people with access to the world-wide-web.

Up until now, people living in rural areas would have to turn to dial-up Internet services, which can be expensive and provides a much slower service. That means, as well as paying higher bills when wanting to use the Internet, they can also struggle with connection and slow loading page speeds.

The Exede Satellite Internet removes that problem and can also provide a household or business with a Wi-Fi connection. That means people can use their tablet and other mobile devices by using a Wi-Fi connection through the Satellite Internet service.

According to a spokesperson for Exede Internet, "We are offering a special price on high-speed Internet with free installation. Our upload speeds are as high as 12 Mbps. Download speeds are as fast as 3 Mbps. We have affordable pricing plans ranging from $49.99 to $130 monthly fees."

The Exede Satellite Internet service is currently available with free installation, for people wishing to learn more about the service and how it can benefit them, please contact 844-210-0485 or visit

About Exede Satellite Internet
Exede Satellite Internet provides people living in a rural area to have access to the Internet. It provides users with a high-speed Internet service without having to rely on slow dial-up services.

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