BodyTone Fitness Launches Exciting New 'Exercise Anywhere' Line

BodyTone have finally the answer for too busy people that desperately needed workout into their day.


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- A California based company named BodyTone comes with the right answer to the question of how people can maintain an exercise routine in today's world with their countless twenty first century obligations. BodyTone has recently released a line of super portable fitness products that will enable a person to train anywhere at any time, and it won't take an hour of sweating and stomping the way around the free weights room to see the benefits. Their exercise bands are designed with busy lifestyles in mind, and can be used at the office, at home, or anywhere.

Actually, studies have long shown the importance of maintaining a regular fitness routine in fighting the ageing effects of job related stress, and life related everything else. But the question is how do is it possible to maintain an exercise routine in today's world with the countless twenty first century obligations?

Christy Holmes, public relations director for BodyTone says; "Studies by the American Health Organization indicate that raising the heart rate by only 15% for a sustained ten minutes a day can have incredible health benefits, leading to reduced risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, as well as improved flexibility, sense of wellbeing and countless other benefits."

BodyTone's exercise band range is portable yet incredibly effective, can be used to tone and shape muscle, and can be used for both cardiovascular and muscular fitness by using the bands to perform an unlimited variety of exercises anywhere someone happen to be.

To encourage people to get up and get active, and to help them achieve their health and fitness goals, BodyTone has launched their range with an accompanying promotion where their products can be picked up on Amazon for a generous 50% discount using the promotion code FLEXLIFE. The discount runs until the end of the week.

Christy continues; "When you carry BodyTone, you carry the gym in your pocket." Sounds like the sort of workout even a busy bee could actually commit to.

For more information and to get the product with 50% discount please follow this link.

About BodyTone
BodyTone ( is the brainchild of former professional wrestler and personal trainer Hadrian Hale. Hadrian was introduced to the bands after a knee injury while in the ring forced him onto the sidelines for an extended period. Post-surgery, Exercise bands were recom-mended to Hadrian by his physical therapist. Since that time, Hadrian has incorporated exercise bands as a staple part of his training regimen, and attributes his continued success in the ring and on the mat to their use. With BodyTone, his hope is to bring to everyone, of any walk of life, a safe and convenient means to effectively shape and strengthen their bodies.