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Exercise Can Increase Tolerance for Pain


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- There are a lot of cliché adages regarding pain and physical fitness: what doesn’t kill makes one stronger… no pain, no gain… not surprisingly, these phrases do have some basis in reality. New research out of Australia indicates that those who exercise and train harder actually increase their tolerance for pain.

Research done previously indicated that endurance athletes have higher pain tolerances, but the same pain threshold that non-athletes have. This mean that those who exercise and those who are sedentary experience something painful at the same point, but those who are athletic can tolerate the sensation longer than non-athletic individuals can.

Discomfort is part of beginning any exercise routine, but those who engage know that the pain will eventually subside as the body becomes used to the exercise. At this point, it’s time to increase the weights on the bar or the distance one is running to challenge the body further. This increase in training brings on the pain again, but many find they are more able to handle the sensation. They still find the sensation of new movement painful, but they’re tougher and more able to deal with it and continue training.

Getting fit makes a person tougher, and by getting tougher a person could be inspired to become fitter and therefore healthier researchers venture. “Exercise training may facilitate the development of brain function that increases tolerance of these signals and associated sensations, and this increase in tolerance may contribute to improved endurance performance.”

No pain, No gain indeed.

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