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Exercise May Reduce Men's Risk of Epilepsy Later in Life


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- A study published in a medical journal hosted by the American Academy of Neurology suggested men who engaged in vigorous physical activity as young adults reduced their risk of developing epilepsy later in life. Epilepsy is a disease of the brain that can cause repeated seizures, which inhibits a person’s capability to function in daily life.

The study analyzed over 1.17 million men who were given tests at age 18 that measured cardiovascular fitness levels. The same men were later assessed for epilepsy at age 25, with those who had higher levels of cardiovascular fitness showing a 79 percent reduction in their epilepsy risk.

The overall portion of men with high fitness levels who developed the condition later in life was approximately .48 percent, versus a .62 percent risk in those with only a medium level of cardiovascular fitness. These results were lessened slightly after taking into account genetic factors as well as a history of brain injury, stroke, or diabetes.

Exercise could potentially affect epilepsy risk in two ways: one, it could protect the brain by supporting cognitive function and the development of a stronger brain reserve, or it could simply be that people who are fitter and healthier earlier in life have an overall lower risk of developing a variety of diseases.

Whatever the reason, scientists who issued the report hoped their findings would encourage the population to become more active, not only to reduce the risk of epilepsy but a range of other diseases and conditions as well.

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