Karen Goeller and Brian Dowd Release Swing Set Fitness Books

Swing Set Fitness is fun & effective. Use playground swing to exercise your core, legs, shoulders, arms, etc. Strength and weight loss.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Recently featured on The Doctors TV show... It's that time of year again. People want to exercise outdoors and they have many choices. It seems that every fitness product must have a hook, in order to be successful. It must be especially unique, convenient, and effective to really appeal to the market. The Swing Set Fitness books by Karen Goeller and Brian Dowd are all three. These workouts rely on the backyard or playground swing set for complete exercise programs.

The books include nearly 50 different exercises and 12 exercise programs. Using body weight and the swing, the user will target virtually every muscle group in the body including the upper and lower body as well as the core muscles. Flexibility exercises are included.

One great benefit of Swing Set Fitness is how common swing sets are throughout the world. Nearly everyone can find a swing. Another benefit is that there is no need to buy weights, bands, or other exercise gear because the swing is the equipment.

Swing Set Fitness is suitable for parents who do not have time for traditional exercise programs. Parents can take kids to the playground and spend quality time with them while improving muscle tone, losing weight, building strength, and increasing flexibility. The workouts are fun and can safely be enjoyed by supervised kids alongside their parents.

Another benefit to Swing Set Fitness is variety. This form of fitness includes variations of the exercises, so that the workout can be tailored, regardless of fitness level. This means that Swing Set Fitness is incredibly difficult to outgrow and continually challenges the user.

Set Fitness strengthens the primary working muscles and the stabilizing muscles. This helps to reduce and minimize the potential for injury when lifting and bending throughout your day. It's functional fitness.

Swing Set Fitness is convenient and fun. Creator, Karen Goeller, CSCS is confident that you'll get hooked. For more information, visit

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