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Exercise Scientist Breaks Into the Ultimate Secrets of How to Get Thin Thighs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- Getting thin thighs has proven to be one of the main goals of women, looking after their bodies and health. This common goal often goes together with the aim to get rid of cellulite. Although a quick fix has not been discovered yet, the Watchfit expert and co-owner of Defined Fitness, Josh Proch gives some little-known insights into how a woman can get rid of her thunder thighs.

Although it has been scientifically proven that women store larger percentage of fat in their thighs, due to the need to support the energy demands of lactation, little has been said about the two hormones that play a significant role in the size of a woman’s thighs. These are Human Growth Hormone and Estradiol. The reduced amount of Growth Hormone in the body, combined with the increased amount of Estradiol, contribute to an accelerated rate of fat storage in this problem area – the thighs. Controlling the levels of these two hormones should be performed by one’s doctor, but it is something to draw their attention to if one notices sudden weight gain, predominantly in the thigh area.

The choice of food, however, can also play an important role in slimming the thighs, especially the type of foods and drinks that have a thermogenic effect in one’s body. One of these foods is red peppers, for which research has demonstrated to boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation. Adding them to various types of dishes is a good way to improve the fat burning process in the thighs. Green tea is known to have similar properties, but one ‘secret’ ingredient the expert mentions is taking a multivitamin. One’s metabolism cannot function properly if the body is lacking important nutrients, he points out. A multivitamin should by no means be a replacement of a healthy diet, but is a good way to aid the body in supplying itself with the so essential macronutrients it needs daily.

The final, and probably most crucial revelation the Watchfit expert makes is that if one wants to get thin thighs, they must accept that ‘Gone are the days of chest and back on Monday, arms and abs on Wednesday, and legs on Friday.’

Working out the entire body with big, compound movements is helping it keep its natural balance, because this is how it was designed to function. Furthermore, any time one performs an exercise on both feet, they double the rate at which they burn calories.

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