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Exercise Shown to Reduce Overall Hearing Loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- The benefits of being active are limitless, and the most recent organ added to the list of those that reap benefits from exercise are the ears. Yes, the ears. The American Journal of Medicine recently released a study showing that those who exercise regularly are less prone to hearing loss than others who are sedentary

They study involved over 65,000 women who were followed for 20 years to monitor BMI, waist circumference, physical activity and overall hearing loss. Those who were the most physically active had a 17 percent lower rate of hearing loss than those who were sedentary during the observatory period. Walking for at least 2 hours per week (approximately 17 minutes per day) were shown to have a 15 percent lower risk compared to those who only walked 2 hour per week.

When asked about using earphones on walks or jogs, and potentially inputting loud music into the auditory system, the authors of the study encouraged the practice. “What is important is that people learn how to listen to music safely,” advised study author Dr. Sharon Curhan. Both the level of the music and the duration of such needs to be monitored – meaning the louder the sound, the shorter the duration of exposure. This means that if a person is going on a short jog, they can use louder music than if they were putting on headphones for an hour long walk. Though, experts did advise music should be kept at a low enough volume to allow the person to be aware of their surroundings if walking on a busy street or through busy roads.

The study did show that age-related hearing loss may not be inevitable; eventually, the combination of genetics, noise exposure, age, and medical conditions could contribute to a loss of hearing. But, remaining active can improve overall health and thus lead to longer normal hearing levels rather than a reduction in hearing abilities early on in the aging process. If looking for another reason to add activity into one’s lifestyle, listening to the advice of physicians about all the benefits (hearing included) can be motivational to anyone looking to prolong their longevity of both life and hearing capabilities

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