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Exercises to Take on Holiday Travels


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Traveling during the holidays can cut into time spent at the gym, or time spent doing outdoor activities as forms of exercise. There are still ways to be active throughout travels to ensure workout routines don’t fall by the wayside, and the body remains healthy, fit, and active throughout all seasons. Below are some exercises and strength training workouts that can be done anywhere without access to a gym.

- Burpees – Hard to do but very effective at burning calories and increasing strength. Sit into a squat, place hands on the floor and jump feet out behind the body to a push-up position. Perform one push-up, then feet jump back in to a squat position. Propulse out of the squat into a jump as high as possible then begin the exercise again. Perform as many burpees as possible for 30-60 seconds then rest for 30 seconds before repeating again for 4-5 sets.
- Jumping Jacks – the classic exercise move is killer for burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness. All that is needed are tennis shoes and a sturdy floor. Jump feet out wide, clapping hands above the head, then jump feet back together and slap arms down to the sides, repeat for 45-60 seconds for 4-5 sets of as many jumps as possible.
- Stairs/Jogging – Jogging is an exercise that can be done anywhere at any time, and if staying with a family member ask to run up and down their stairs for a quick, effective cardio workout that will burn calories and tone muscles. If running is part of a regular workout routine, there’s no reason not to run on the holiday no matter where a person happens to be.
- Mountain Climbers – core control and cardio stamina at its finest. From a push-up position, pull one knee towards the chest, then switch to the other leg as rapidly as possible. Keep the hips low and back flat to maximize the workout for the core, and keep alternating legs for 30-60 seconds before pausing for a rest.

Many are addicted to their regular gym classes or the treadmill in their office, but being away from home doesn’t mean an exercise program can’t come along on vacation as well. Try these exercises above to stay fit no matter where a person travels to.

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