Joe Bragg

EXNESS to Offer Metal-Currency Accounts to Give Investors Safety Through Diversity

Investment brokers EXNESS has launched a wide variety of precious metal and world currency ‘baskets’ to create high returns through a wide variety of different investment options.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- It is always difficult to know how to best invest capital for maximum returns. The stock market is a complex and varied place and stocks themselves are almost infinitely diverse. Because of this depth and complexity, many individuals choose to use an investment broker to help them manage their investments using specialized knowledge and experience. EXNESS are a leading investment broker for clients of all scales, from individuals to multinationals, and have recently launched metal-currency accounts that can diversify the investment portfolio to manage risk and maximize reward.

As well as offering forex services and ECN brokering, these new metal-currency investment plans take the capital the customer has and puts it into one of many different streamed portfolios. The plans include precious metal investments including gold, silver, platinum and palladium and currencies including the Euro, the US dollar, the Great British Pound and the Japanese Yen.

The breakdowns of the level of investment in each of these different metals and currencies is variable according to which ‘basket’ account holders choose, with four different proportions focussing on an all metal and all currency solution followed by two different breakdowns of both currency and metal for maximum diversity.

A spokesperson for EXNESS explained, “By diversifying investments in our wide variety of different baskets, individuals can tailor the amount of their investment they wish to enter into different currencies and precious metals to better manage the risk versus reward ratio. All these packages are of course designed to maximize returns, but do so in ways that different investors will be most comfortable with, showing that there truly is something for everyone with EXNESS. Whether individuals wish to focus purely on currency, purely on precious metals or on a hybrid strategy, we have the solution for them.”

EXNESS is committed to being responsive and flexible to corporate and individual clients, acting as a reliable partner in helping its clients grow their businesses, and supporting important social and economic programs. EXNESS clients are drawn to their reliable, affordable services and their personal approach to each client’s needs. Their stability is based on sensitivity to market dynamics and an ability to keep up with new instruments and technologies. For more information, please visit: