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Exonucleases Market Size and Growth Factors, Research and Projection 2027 : QIAGEN N.V., New England Biolabs, Inc. Roche

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2019 -- Endonuclease is one of the type of nucleases which cut off nucleic acids from the middle. Exonucleases are the enzymes which breaks the nucleic acid by removing nucleotides from the end of the chain. It recognize specific nucleotide sequences of nucleic acid and breaks the chemical bonds between nucleotides. Exonucleases are also known as restriction endonucleases as they search for specific restriction fragments. There are more than 100 restricted endonucleases which are identified in bacteria and archaea and are used of commercial purpose. Exonucleases are used in biotechnology which play an important role in molecular cloning. Most of the exonucleases are dimeric enzymes which are composed of two protein subunits where these two protein subunits are wrap in the double stranded DNA and separately cuts both strands from both the sides. There are hundreds of restricted endonucleases wit unique recognition sites in bacteria. Exonuceases are involved in repair, replication, recombination and the proper maturation and degradation of DNA and RNA. Due to their high specificity in restriction, they cleave only at specific sequences. Nucleic acid nucleotide are studied using mass spectroscopy. Exonucleases are used to generate mass ladders of oligonucleotides which are analyzed with the help of mass spectroscopy. Exonucleases are identifies in the E coli and in human cells.

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Exonucleases Market: Drivers and Restraints

Growing number of use of exonucleases applications such as removal of 3' overhangs, removal of oligonucleotide post PCR and removal of chromosomal DNA in plasmid preparations will drive the growth of overall exonucleases market. Introduction to new technology and development in the exonucleases market will increase the overall exonucleases market globally. Increased use of restricted enzymes in various research and development activities in the molecular biology procedure and techniques will also drive the exonucleases market. High cost involved in the development of the exonucleases production will hinder the growth of the exonucleases market.

Exonucleases Market: Segmentation

Tentatively, global exonucleases market has been segmented on the basis of application and end user.

Based on application, global exonucleases market is segmented as below:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Restriction Digestion
Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP)

Based on end user, global exonucleases market is segmented as below:

Biotechnological Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Contract Research Organizations
Academic Research Institutes

Exonucleases Market: Overview

Exonucleases, the enzymes are extracted from bacteria and capable to cut the nucleic acid from the middle, has become a fundamental tool for the molecular biology over the year. The number of characterized exonucleases has considerably increased in the last few years. Increased investment in R&D activities of the molecular biology techniques and procedure will fuel the growth of the exonucleases market. The market features new vendors and extensive product line in the exonucleases market. Although there have been significant increase in the genomic organization, operational mechanism of exonucleases which remain active areas of research. New technique such as DNA sequencing and gene expression will increase the market of the exonucleases globally. Among all the application used in the exonucleases PCR held the largest share which helps in the diagnosis of hereditary disease, detect infectious disease and identifies finger prints.

Exonucleases Market: Regional Outlook

The market for exonucleases products are examined across the region such as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America dominates the exonucleases market due to the presence of huge well established molecular biology industry in terms of revenue. The immense pace of research and development activities due to the large presence of biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical are the key factors contributes to the increase in the global exonucleases market. Favorable government policies aims at the development of industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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Exonucleases Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in the exonucleases market are QIAGEN N.V., New England Biolabs, Inc. Roche, Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Takara Bio, Inc, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Affymetrix, Inc., Illumina, Inc. the key market players have involved in developing new technologies and has involved in the vaious acquisitions and merger.