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Expat Tax Services: And Are Expanding Their Partnership and are working closely on the promotion of expat tax services from


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- The cooperation started out a couple of years back and has proven to be a huge success ever since. is a company that employs top-notch CPA specialists in the fields of international laws and legislation.

The chief executive at said: „The assistance gave us throughout the recent period was a vital part of our success. Today I can proudly say that we represent industry standard and offer unparallel quality with our services. Our staff is highly educated on every aspect of expat tax services and we have an ideal mix of youth and experience. Clients we work for can peacefully sleep at night knowing we have their back. All these qualities mentioned would not benefit us much if we were unable to reach out to our target customers. enters the equation here, they were our medium of conveying our services to the broader customer pool.“

Joshua Hood, the head chief of thanked them for the kind words and expressed his desire and intention of improving the partnership between the companies in the future.

Expat tax services are a problem many Americans living outside US face with. The US Government and its respective departments have imposed hefty penalties for those not complying to the regulations. I.e. an individual who fails to run his expatriate tax issues in a transparent and clear way can become a subject to criminal penalties. Interesting though is, that the penalties are not set in stone, meaning, they are being evaluated on case-by-case basis. Coming forward about unpaid tax liabilities usually benefits a tax payer and no penalties apply to them.

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